About Emily

I help people refine their wardrobes to suit their shape, colouring and lifestyle. My training as a style consultant, colour analyst and personal shopper with ‘StyleMe’ has led me to further analysis of why we make the choices we do when we get dressed each day and what those outfits say about us.

I like nothing more than going through overstuffed wardrobes. By streamlining the contents into a more workable capsule collection, the panic of having heaps of clothes yet nothing to wear can be a thing of the past.

Save time and money and gain confidence. Be the loveliest possible you.

Emily xx


My first book ‘Shopped’ is published by September Publishing on 1st July 2016.


@EmilyShopped    @SeptemberBooks




4 Responses to About Emily

  1. Roger says:

    A great blog Emily – AWESOME!


  2. Helping people take control of their closets so they can look and feel lovely is a wonderful gift…
    and helping them find great style…
    helps them find personal power!!~
    So nice to meet you Emily ♥


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