Dress to Party Like it’s 2019 (and you’re not knackered)

How are you feeling? Has sparkle fatigue started to kick in? Is your skin showing the tell-tale signs of lack of sleep and your carpet suffering from 3 for 2 party food incidents?

Yeup – you’re partied out already (POA) with six days still to go.

Following Monday’s playground post-mortem of the weekend’s Christmas party – I’d left very suddenly at 1am due to my body deciding I couldn’t get away with downing vodka jelly shots on top of Prosecco and pigs in blankets – it turned out I missed whatever it was that caused the hosts’ hallway to resemble a scene from Psycho the next morning. Thank god I had the good sense to make a run for it when I suspected the vodka jelly may make a reappearance; it didn’t and I awoke around the same time as the sun with my make-up still on and my lovely sequin skirt folded neatly on the dressing table. My poor boyfriend had been dragged away from the party in full swing, paid for the babysitter and then performed origami on my clothes, so when a few hours later I confirmed that we had two days to recover for the next party which happens to be with the same set, I did genuinely feel sorry for him.

And it’s not just a case of pacing yourself when you’re factoring in small children, full time jobs and present wrapping, it’s the outfits. Oh I know it would be terribly sensible and eco-friendly to wear your Christmas jumper to every single event but where I live said knitwear appears in late November for the ridiculously keen along with Christmas trees and the ante is upped from then on in. By new year you’re talking full evening dress and possibly invasive cosmetic procedures to keep up.

So if like me you’ve done all your sequins and are looking for style inspo to get you through the next thirteen days, you’ve come to the right place. This year, you’ll find inspiration in the strangest of places and since nobody’s feeling too clever/ flush / fabulous in mid December, I’ve done the research and here’s what I’ve come up with for the remainder of the celebrating – just avoid the vodka jellies…

Bows aren’t just for presents…

Dress £49.99 at Zara

Sweater £24.99 at Reserved

Prada started this bow thing and while I thought this probably wasn’t a trend for adults, I have as always changed my mind. Of course you can wear a giant bow on your back! Why wouldn’t you? With any luck someone might want to unwrap you too.



Borrow from the boys…

Tuxedo dress £79.99 at Zara

Tuxedo trouser suit £135 and £195 from Reiss

Last winter I fell for what I thought was a little black dress at Dorothy Perkins, it had sparkly buttons and was very cheap so I bought it as a Christmas Eve backup. When I finally shook it out of my bag for life and tried it on, I discovered it was actually a playsuit making it practical as well as fabulous. My stylist colleagues weren’t convinced (perhaps they didn’t want to say “A playsuit? At your age?”) but a year later and what do I see in every high street shop? You’ve guessed it! Now we can all be a little more gender fluid at the class Christmas drinks…

Borrow from the designers…

Jewelled boots £130 at Dune

Jewelled boots £495 at Sophia Webster

If ever there was a time to grab an outright designer rip-off, now is it. I loved these Dune ankle boots (which also come in a knee length) before I’d seen they were a replica of the Sophia Webster version because they’re amazingly comfortable and go with pretty much anything. The block heel is not only the shape to go for this season, it’s far more wearable for far longer. Treat yourself or get someone else to.


Borrow from the fashionistas…

Shirt £79 at Hobbs

Sequin dress £139 at Hobbs

It’s irritating how effortless Alexa Chung can make red carpet dressing look isn’t it but in this case her buttoned up look is a breath of fresh air and very easily copied. It’s also a great way to update any black dress you’ve worn already – if you don’t have a fitted white shirt in your wardrobe then for goodness sake get one!

Alexa Chung at the British Fashion Awards

And Party like it’s 1989…

Dress £29.99 at Reserved

Off shoulder dress £40 River Island at Very.co.uk

I know exactly what I wore for new year’s eve 1989 and it wasn’t anything as lovely as this. But in those days we matched the puffy sleeves and skirts with puffy hair and (in my case) a puffy face too so be groomed with this look and you’ll pull it off.

A very merry Christmas lovely readers and thank you for reading. See you in the next decade… ♥






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I help people refine their wardrobe to suit their shape, colouring and lifestyle. I am a style consultant, personal shopper and colour analyst working in London. Be the loveliest possible you. My first book SHOPPED was released on 5th July 2016 (September Publishing). www.emilystott.net
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