Snappy New Year

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It’s freezing cold, Donald Trump is still president and there are at least two weeks to go until  pay day. It’s a bleak outlook – I intended to start with a rousing ‘Happy New Year!’ Sorry about that.

On the other hand, the sales are still on, restaurants are doing special offers to tempt us out of our Dry Januarys and into their establishments and there’s lots of good stuff on the telly. This year I decided against doing the most miserable month without alcohol and as half price steak within walking distance of home is too good to ignore, I’m actually feeling quite excited about the year ahead. Happy new year!

Asymmetric pleated skirt £34.99 by H&M

Meanwhile over on Planet Fashion it’s almost as if they’ve got the memo about austerity measures because a handful of 2017 trends have been given a free pass into 2018 – excellent news for the post-Christmas wardrobe budget. So while there are things we won’t be sad to leave behind in 2017 (the return of Crocs and blue lipstick to name just two) there are plenty of others which you can get more life out of. “Oh but I didn’t invest in those things last year when you told me to!” I hear you cry. Well, that’s where the last of the sale rails come in; you’ll still find what you need at a fraction of the original price. You’d better be quick though, out there in the department store trenches serious consumers don’t hang about, no matter what you’ve read in the news. There are people trailing suitcases around the shop floor for the sole purpose of filling them up with bargains (and saving approximately 30p on carrier bags), it’s a tough crowd I warn you.

Pink ankle boots reduced to £69 by Dune at House of Fraser

Not to worry though because if you’ve already done the sales and retreated back to your sofa with a cuppa and a packet of Jaffa cakes (hidden under a cushion so you’re not forced to share), the new collections are starting to filter in. Phase Eight have gone full blown mother of the bride overnight and Monsoon are ready for the keenest prom queens. It may be hat and glove weather at street level but the tropical climes of the department store are urging people to think about their spring outfits. Here’s what to take with you into the next season while still being sensibly dressed for winter:

The lengths we’ll go to…

Zimmerman Spring Summer 2018

Long shirt dress reduced to £75 at French Connection

It doesn’t have to be impractical and eveningy and you don’t have to spend a lot on it. Keep the fabric lightweight and add layers, either under or over and downplay the whole floaty aesthetic with trainers or lace up boots. I am completely in love with this look and have at least three long dresses none of which have cost more than £40.

Sheer madness…

Elie Saab Spring Summer 2018

Sheer dress £180 at

This time sheer is actually rather prim. Although some designers sent head to toe sheer down the catwalk, if flaunting your pants and bra while popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk isn’t your thing, there is this. Use sheer to your advantage – perfect for upper arm and crepey cleavage coverage.

Juicy Fruit shades…

Versace Spring Summer 2018

Coat reduced to £115.50 by Jasper Conran at Debenhams

There’s going to be a lot of colour out there – some of it quite frightening – so make sure you pick your shade wisely. Sticking with one colour all over is fab in theory but be careful you don’t look like a carrot.


Stable Jean-ius…

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2018

Denim jacket and playsuit by Vale at £44 and £60

It looked like we were moving into faded, washed out, distressed, whatever territory for a bit there didn’t it? But fear not because for 2018 our denim is to be sleek and heavily dyed. You’ll have blue legs like a corpse when you take them off but it’s arguably better than doing that unflattering eighties Bros denim again.

Laid back Florals

Vilshenko Spring Summer 2018

Floral dress reduced to £59 at French Connection

OK, so florals in spring are about as inspired as Tess Daly’s Strictly script, but this season’s floweryness, a staple for most of 2017 and cropping up on everything from jeans to boots, has a classy vintage feel so you won’t resemble a charity shop three piece suite.


I’ve already put out my work outfit for tomorrow: long pretty dress half price at H&M worn with an ancient Ralph Lauren longline cardigan bought at TK Maxx and Steve Madden boots bought a couple of years ago a size too big and therefore conveniently ideal for thick socks in this rubbish weather. It’s all about comfort in January. Speaking of which, I’m off to stuff my face with pie and mash. Have a great 2018 lovely readers, here’s to our sixth year together!

Dark jeans £45 at River Island

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2 Responses to Snappy New Year

  1. Penny Stott says:

    Fab blog . I’m jumping on my bike & heading for the shops straight away ! I was the only person in a skirt on Sunday at my lunch . Why do none of my friends wear a dress any more ?


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