Desperately Sequin Season

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Silver dress £150 at

Silver kimono £100 at Top Shop

It’s that time of year again. The invitations start pouring in (apparently) and suddenly that stylish navy shift dress simply won’t cut it. People who are fairly sensible for eleven months of the year dangle Christmas puddings from their ears and sprinkle glitter on anything even vaguely sticky. And then there are the sequins – I love sequins. Not everyone does though and I’m well aware of the arguments against the wearing of sequins…

  1. They’re for middle aged women trying to look glam at the office party. (This, from my boyfriend who brings it up every December when the first sequin appears).
  2. They’re terribly unflattering, what with being so shiny and reflective an’ all.
  3. One falls off and then it’s just a matter of time before they’re all over the house.
  4. They look cheap and nasty.
  5. I’m too old for sequins (I think my mum uses this argument just to wind me up).
  6. I’ll look like Shirley Bassey.

Socks £8 at

Blue strappy dress £99 at Warehouse

Here’s what I think: No they aren’t, and well yes, maybe, but live a little, it depends how you wear them and finally, no you’re not – no, you won’t! And if that doesn’t convince you then consider this: sequins were discovered in the tomb of King Tut who died in 1323 BC. Tut’s garments were covered in gold sequins and it was believed that they would guarantee financial stability in the afterlife. In Egypt and India, sequins were also believed to ward off evil spirits. Ohh yes, they’re appearing a little more practical now aren’t they?

Heels £28 at Dorothy Perkins

Ankle boots £150 at

I’m pro sequins and I’ll wear them any time of the year. If you’ve read my book* you’ll know that my friend Nina, once the only female in an I.T. office, wears sequins to work. And not just any old sequins; Nina wears mini skirts covered in the big versions, technically known as ‘paillettes’. Now that is my kinda girl. FYI, what Nina doesn’t know about the cocktail bars of London isn’t worth knowing, but that’s a whole other story.

Pink dress £385 at LK Bennett

Green shift dress £99 at Monsoon

My dislike of Christmas jumpers is well known by now, I don’t consider them an option. I just think there are better ways to be festive and draw attention to your chest than reindeer noses flashing on it. You could, for example, fall down the stairs blind drunk in a boob tube at your school drinks evening, or drop a brie and cranberry parcel down your front having burnt the roof of your mouth on scalding melted cheese. Both of those things would genuinely make people laugh without you having to buy a hideous Christmas jumper.

Sheer top £40 at Top Shop

Strappy top £99 at Karen Millen

I will talk you into sequins. All of you. Just look at these lovely shimmering things, how can you not want to look like a disco ball on new year’s eve? Seriously though, you don’t have to wear them head to foot and this year there’s so much choice, you can pick your colour, so take another look before you write this tiny shiny piece of plastic off completely.

A few suggestions for successful sequin wearing…

If you’re tall, skinny and don’t have to worry about lumps and bumps then you can embrace the body conscious sequin look without a care in the world. The pink LK Bennett dress will add curves to a slight frame while the green Monsoon will show off your long limbs and frankly no-one else will get away with this style quite as well.

Scalloped top £55 at

Black jacket £199 at Zara

For figures which are heavier on the bottom, try a sequinned top and wear with something dark and neat on the bottom half – a pair of tuxedo trousers or a pencil skirt for example. Far better to have the eye catching glitz on the top half. Perfect if you’re attending an evening which involves being seated at a table all night.

If you are bigger up top then do the opposite and wear your sequins below the waist. The Miss Selfridge midi skirt is gorgeously fifties in style, features flying birds and is now reduced to a fraction of its original price tag which was fully justified for such a unique piece in my opinion. Wear with a plain dark top or shirt and keep jewellery to a minimum. The skirt also comes in electric blue and crimson pink as well as the green featured here – I want all three.

Green midi skirt £45.50 at Miss Selfridge

Black midi skirt £49.99 at H&M

There are some amazing deep jewel shades to be found on the high street and online at the moment. Both Debenhams and Very have incredible purple dresses in classic shapes while Zara has mixed them all up and has at least two pieces with a sequin rainbow effect. The real problem should be how to choose what to go for.

Purple dress £65 at

Wrap around dress £69.99 at Zara

Then there’s always the shoes… personally I’d put sequin shoes with just about anything but if you really would rather a minimal look then nothing brings a little black dress or a trouser suit to life than a sparkling foot or two.

Right I’m done, I have a nativity performance to go to. But just one final thing before I go. If you do find yourself tempted into the supermarket for that Christmas jumper, why don’t you get one of these sheer dresses instead – £30 by George at Asda – I know! Have a great weekend everyone.

Sheer maxi dress £30 by George at Asda

*Shopped by Emily Stott available to buy on Amazon:

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