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This morning I locked myself out of the house. We were on our way to school on our bikes and the door closed shut behind me with the keys in the lock on the inside. Thankfully I had my mobile phone and purse with me but that was about it. I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet and was dressed for my yoga class so it was a little drafty as I cycled with my son to school. As I awaited the locksmith in my second coffee shop of the day, I realised I had unwittingly become one of those middle class mums who gets dressed in leisure wear as if on their way to or on their way back from some sort of physical activity. I felt self conscious going around like ‘Exercise Barbie’ all day but it did give me the opportunity to try out the must-have autumn trends and work out exactly what will offer the most bang for our buck. And there’s nothing like wasting time in a warm fitting room when you’re feeling a bit chilly around the trainer socked ankles. Actually, it turns out that all you really need is a little help from your friends, your phone and a coffee shop app this autumn but if you’re up for a wardrobe refresher course then here is what you need:

A Checked Coat

Checked coat at Mulberry AW17

Of course you already have a coat, you may even have two or three but this look heralded by Mulberry amongst many others, is very relaxed so you don’t need a big thick expensive style. I’ve got my eye on this neat coat from Debenhams.

Coat £75 at Debenhams

A Pair of White Boots

White boots at Narciso Rodriguez AW17

I bought a pair of off-white boots last winter and although I felt a bit space age in the playground, I can’t stress enough how much wear I got out of them. They go with everything! Hopelessly impractical in the rain but so much more interesting than boring old black. Will you just look at these M&S ones – I’ll race you to them…

Boots £79 at Marks and Spencer

A Long Floral Dress

Floral dress at Roland Mouret AW17

I’m sure I suggested this piece last winter so if you ignored my advice a year ago then more fool you because a long flowery dress will be soo useful. Dress down with a big knit (see below) and lace-up boots or dress up with white boots (see above). And if you’re not convinced  by the length, you can always shorten it at some point. You have nothing to lose. If only you’d listened to me the first time.

Dress £59 at Warehouse

A Big Knit

Big knit at TopShop Unique AW17

Yes, yes, I know this was around last year too but these knits are even bigger this season. Go for brights, go for big sleeves and something clashing in colour or style underneath. The look you want is louche rather than student.

Turtle neck jumper £49.99 Mango

A Trouser Suit

Trouser suit at Daks AW17

Again, this is a slouchy laid back kind of vibe, you don’t need to be Madonna in the Express Yourself video (been there, done that – I’m not joking) although with what’s out on the high street, you can if you want. In the office wear with a Victoriana blouse, out of the office wear with Adidas trainers and a t-shirt.

Suit £123.95 at Massimo Dutti


A Pair of Statement Earrings

Statement earrings at Balenciaga AW17

No-one’s saying wear odd earrings as shown here but this is your chance to adorn your head with the chandelier replicas previously only associated with Bet Lynch or Pat Butcher. Now’s the time to do it and be classy. This opportunity might not come around again until your ear lobes have drooped down to your shoulders, so seize the day.

Earrings £19 at Coast

Something, Anything Red

All red at Fendi AW17

It started last winter with the red boots and now it’s worked its way up, via the show stopping red dress in late summer, (see my post: ) to pretty much head to toe red this season. Don’t let that put you off (although I think this Zara look is fab I have to say) just pick one eye catching piece and wear it with denim for a look that’s totally now.

Blouse £69.99 at Zara

So there you have it. You may be interested to know that I have finally gained (£100 later) entry back into my home while my son has cycled his bike through dog poo which I am endeavouring to get rid of with boiling water and an old toothbrush. In the nine hours I have been locked out I have consumed more cafe chain food and drink than I dare think about. Have a great weekend and enjoy the new collections!

About aftercarrie

I help people refine their wardrobe to suit their shape, colouring and lifestyle. I am a style consultant, personal shopper and colour analyst working in London. Be the loveliest possible you. My first book SHOPPED was released on 5th July 2016 (September Publishing).
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4 Responses to All You Need…

  1. Angela Shrimpton says:

    Thank you Emily, I really enjoy your blog and it’s been helping to keep me on the straight and narrow fashion-wise (as best as anything can!). Hope you’re well, Angela S xx


  2. Penny Stott says:

    PLEASE don’t forget to throw the old toothbrush away .


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