The September Edition

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There is something about the return from a lovely summer holiday and the healthy glow you bring back which kick starts a longing for change. Perhaps it is the inevitable blues which you unpack along with all the sandy swimwear, or maybe it is simply the change of season and the one thing which makes the end of summer seem bearable: new autumn clothes.

Wrap Blazer Dress £69 at Top Shop

Check trouser suit at Zara
Trousers £69.99










September is clearly a better time for resolutions than the start of the new year so officially labelling  it ‘the new January’ is long overdue. In January we begrudgingly swear off alcohol and try to eat more fruit and take more exercise when in fact what we really crave are calories and sleep (in that order). There is no spare cash for new season clothes and besides who in their right mind is thinking about dressing for spring in January? I’d be in my pyjamas until March if I could. In fact ever since my son informed those gathered in the school playground that “Mummy is dropping me off in her dressing gown” (fyi, a fabulous long knit cardigan by Ralph Lauren but whatevs) I feel I might as well be.

High neck blouse £34 at Top Shop

Star blouse £25 at Debenhams









New fitness regimes, new eating habits, new jobs, new outfits – they all feel right at this time of year so blend yourself a smoothie (and a face masque while you’re at it) fling open your wardrobe doors and let me help you decide what to keep and what to invest in for your winter workwear. Whenever I returned to school after the summer holidays, I wanted to appear somehow changed – either tanned, newly bobbed or shod or well, somehow wiser. I rarely achieved any of this. One year it chucked it down with rain for our entire fortnight in Devon so I had sunbeds (yikes, I know, it was the ’80s) and then applied my mum’s very basic wash-off fake tan to my face on the first day back – I was orange from the jawline up so that was indeed something new.

Checked dress £45 at M&S

Shift dress £149 at Hobbs








Weather-wise, the start of the autumn term was an extension of the summer so we often went back in summer gear anyway. It’s not so different now – you’ve heard my rant about not even looking at my boots or coats until October. Seriously though, in London you won’t need a full on overcoat for another couple of months and even then the chances are you’ll spend at least 80% of your working day inside or on public transport so a lightweight trench or jacket is adequate. This is brilliantly timely as the blazer is the must-have item for autumn, get one in a Prince of Wales check and you’ll be soo London Fashion Week. Buy the matching trousers too and people may actually faint with the OTM-ness of the new you. With the versatile Top Shop wrap blazer dress above you may not even need an outer layer at all – if you’re worried about being cold on the way to the tube then wear a layer underneath it instead. If you’re off out for drinks after work, add a statement necklace or brightly coloured scarf in the neck. Personally, I love a shirt under a dress or jumpsuit for daytime and it’s the ideal solution to a lack of sleeves on an otherwise perfect piece like the Hobbs one above. As the temperature drops, swap the shirt for a skinny polo neck for a smart yet edgy silhouette. You’ll notice I’m not trying to talk you into buying into jumpsuits anymore – by now, you should all have a jumpsuit in your arsenal, and if you don’t, WHY ON EARTH NOT?

Sleeveless jumpsuit £39.99 at H&M

Trousers £70 at Cos









I put my work clothes out the night before as I would rather spend those precious five minutes doing something other than panicking first thing in the morning – for example, applying more make-up to the shadows under my eyes or repeatedly saying to my son “have you brushed your teeth?”. I also have to allow five minutes each day, usually on the way out the door, to listen to one or more whinges along the lines of “these shoes are too tight/my jeans feel scratchy/can I go as Andy Murray today?”

Tank top £45 by Cos

Shirt £65 by Kitri








The shirts on the high street currently are nothing short of fabulous so if you won’t or can’t do a ruffle (which by the way tarts up a trouser suit no end) then do a sleeve. This one by Kitri has an understated cuff detail but still has a classic fit. You can wear it with anything and when it gets colder bung a sleeveless jumper on top; I swore by these during pregnancy when my burgeoning boobs were threatening to pop my shirt buttons across the office. My tank tops stretched with my three bumps right up to six months when it was May and too warm for knitwear.

Jacket £215 by L’oeil

Skirt £59 at Other Stories










Whether your job requires sombre attire or you can get away with pretty much anything (I’ve seen boob tubes, slippers, even a competitor’s brazenly branded t-shirt at Thomas Pink HQ), this season’s edit lends itself nicely to a comfortable yet stylish 9-5. Shoes and boots are clumpier and therefore can be endured for far longer than the pointy spindly variety. Fifties in style and readily available in the bright red shade, they will add a feminine pop to a mannish suit or a modern twist to a ladylike skirt. Your post beach pom-pom sandal acclimatised feet will thank you.

Shoes £125 at Cos


Shoes £69 at Other Stories








Lastly but most importantly, the work bag. I’m not as obsessed with bags as some but I do like a bag to be practical as well as attractive because until that day I finally remember to take a spare bag for impromptu purchases, it needs to be roomy. Yes, I’m the person who would rather have a bottle of orange juice wedged in my waist band and a pizza balanced on my head than pay 5p for a plastic bag. As soon as I get close to a Zara I am having this Prince of Wales check shopper, I absolutely love it! Meanwhile Reiss’s smart leather bag has the zip from top to bottom rather than left to right so you can easily find the tampons, lipsticks and chewing gum you always knew were in there but couldn’t ever find before because they gathered in the bottom corner and everything else sat on top of them. I love this one too. Blimey, perhaps I’m becoming a bag person…

Check bag £19.99 at Zara

Zip up bag £275 at Reiss








I hope you’re now excited about the onset of autumn, I’ve even convinced myself I think. Out with the old and in with the new, it’s a great time for a change – just make sure you have the perfect outfit to do it in.

Don’t forget you can now shop these pieces directly by clicking on them! ♥



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  1. Cat Stott says:

    Your blog on shoes got my housemate buying bright ones. Me next.


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