Top Twelve Picks for a Tropical Trip

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It’s usually at about this time of year that I post a bossy boots blog pretending I know all the answers to the perfectly packed holiday suitcase. Well, if you would like to read one of those then you should look back over the previous ones because this summer I’m so over excited by the abundance of glorious accessories, I’m sharing those pieces which will instantly update your holiday wardrobe instead – in other words giving you more things to put in your suitcase, rather than fewer.

Shoes reduced to £65 at Whistles

Surprisingly, given the fairly mean spirited mood of just about everything in the world at the moment (even Andy Murray’s hip gave up the ghost last week), the fashion world has gone all out for joyous, primary coloured graphics, and there’s nothing but positive connotations here.

Pineapples, watermelons, flamingos – what’s not to like? They all make you think of sunny climes and they all make you smile. Perhaps it’s because they all tend to hang out on the rim of beach bar cocktails.

Sandals £22 at Top Shop

Meanwhile, if bits of fruit aren’t your thing then you can’t have failed to notice the wealth of pom poms and tassels attached to anything and everything this year. At the start of it all I couldn’t get my head around those trainers which looked as if someone had butchered a rabbit and stuck half its bum on the front. My friend Cesca and I texted each other ever more ridiculous pom pom pics back and forth until suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore and I realised I had to have something with pom poms. That’s how trends work though isn’t it; they creep into your subconscious, you try to ignore them because you think them absurd and not for you and then you realise they just won’t go away. Next thing you know, you simply can’t help yourself. I have to say, it was exactly like that for me with the whole Justin Bieber thing too.


Cover-up £50 at Next

Bag £9.99 at H&M

You’ll find this pineapple bag in the kids’ department at H&M but so what? It’s neat and consequently even cheaper. I deliberately didn’t buy it for my two year old friend Viola’s birthday because I wanted it for myself. Don’t worry, I bought her a strawberry one instead.


T-shirt reduced to £20 at Oasis

Mini basket bag £12 at

My mum had a fabulous watermelon bikini in the eighties and she wore it to death. And it’s never not funny when you can say “Do you like my mum’s melons?” at every available opportunity. I discovered the gorgeous website on Instagram recently. It’s full of lovely Moroccan pieces so you’ll find plenty of pom poms there too – make sure you check it out.


Beach bag reduced to £20 at Oasis

Swimsuit £45 at Next

There are some very dubiously placed flamingos out there so be wary. That said, embrace this trend wholeheartedly because these lovely bubble gum pink feathery creatures won’t transition into your autumn wardrobe. It’ll be slugs by November. Or something.


Pack of Bracelets £9.50 at M&S

Necklace £17.50 at M&S

Tassels were the thing I was least sure about because I’m really not a happy clappy floaty type. However it then occurred to me that you can wrap a tassel scarf or long tassel necklace around your big straw hat and it doesn’t look hippyish at all. I know it’s usually only Victoria Beckham who keeps still enough to wear excessive jewellery on the beach, but this year I am sorely tempted.

Pom Poms

Straw hat £8 at Asda


Pack of hair bands £2.99 at H&M

When I said I stopped finding pom poms funny, that’s not strictly true. Pom poms on top of pom poms and pom poms stuck on top of boobs are still utterly bizarre for a grown-up in my opinion but add them to accessories and they’re quintessentially summer 2017.

It’s been an amazing summer in London so far so the plethora of citrus fruits and fluffy appendages are appropriate somehow therefore I won’t be waiting until I hit Spain to put on my pom pom sandals. Besides, if you can’t pluck up the courage to go around looking like a pina colada when you’re in your forties, when can you? Last day of term finally, have a lovely juicy weekend everyone!


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