Do You Have Good Jeans?

There are times when jeans fall out of favour. Very occasionally denim takes a back seat and the sighting of a jacket or a skirt in the stuff becomes the stuff of urban legend.

Now is not one of those times.

Spring 2017 is awash with denim in every colourway, rise, cut and length. If you once thought a dungaree was a scary denim option (I’ve been stared at in the playground more than once for my dungarees and the playground is surely the best place for a dungaree?) then prepare to be ruffled because this season you will be faced with not just double dip denim but triple dip. You may also see a jean so deconstructed as to be less jean and more rip. And yet at the other send of the scale there is the embellished jean; covered in glitz and a million miles away from the workwear for which the humble jean was originally intended.

If your dark skinnies are welded to you then you may not care for all this denim frivolity but if you fancy trying your luck at something a little more ‘now’ then here are the latest options – pitfalls (there are several) included. Remember, there was once a time not so long ago when you thought you’d never wear skinny jeans. Also, however hard you try you are unlikely to look even half as daft as Kim Kardashian in her shredded jeans…

The ‘Boyfriend’ Jean

Usually faded, unrivalled in the comfort stakes and a good choice in warmer weather due to the air vents (holes and rips). Looks v OTM (very Of The Moment, do keep up) with fishnet tights worn underneath and peaking through at the knee. Roll them up at the ankle if you’re leggy or don’t if you’re not because they will not lengthen a short leg. I love my Boyfriends and look to Olivia Palermo (pictured above) as the perfect example of how to smarten up some holey ol’ jeans.

The ‘Mum’ Jean

The Mum jean is defined largely by its high rise waist, gently tapered leg and eighties vibe. If you’re thinking they just look like naff jeans you might have worn when you were about twelve then you’re on the right track – your mum would have been wearing them too – get it? Those of us who are mums now are trying desperately not to look like one but that’s the thing, all the kids (the actual kids) are doing this now. But yes I know, it’s a big leap from your hipsters. Far better for tucking your bits of mummy tummy into though.

The ‘Two Tone’ Jean

These jeans are the newest denim incarnation on the block and the one most likely to fade (into the wilderness, rather than literally fade) once the summer draws to a close. While a dark stripe down the side of the leg can’t fail to be flattering, be careful of randomly placed patches and cuffs which will tend to shorten the leg or draw attention to parts you’d rather not highlight. You wouldn’t put a plaster on a spot on your face would you? Exactly.

And finally… what’s going on with hemlines?

Now here’s one you can try at home. Frayed hems are the ideal solution if your jeans are no longer a length you like. Or you could just turn them up. Turn ups are now a real thing and the higher up they’re turned the better. During research for this blog I noticed that Sarah Jessica Parker turns her hems up at every opportunity she gets, no matter what the style of jean. Now this may be because SJP is diminutive and would rather her jeans didn’t trail behind her as she pounds the New York streets  but sometimes she turns just the one leg up so that can’t be it – could masonic chic actually be a thing? You heard it here first.

SJP turning it up and then up again



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I help people refine their wardrobe to suit their shape, colouring and lifestyle. I am a style consultant, personal shopper and colour analyst working in London. Be the loveliest possible you. My first book SHOPPED was released on 5th July 2016 (September Publishing).
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