Here’s How You Too Can Wear Yellow (yes really!)

If the mere utterance of the word yellow strikes fear into your heart then rest assured you are not alone. Yellow comes in many guises but it is undoubtedly a fair weather colour, one to approach with caution and preferably a bit of a tan. You are absolutely entitled to your fear.

Viola Davis resplendent in yellow at the Golden Globes

As a pasty skinned blonde myself I have mostly pretended that yellow doesn’t exist – there is nothing yellow can do for me personally I have reasoned, and so it is best avoided. There was a moment when I briefly considered whether my small child might benefit from a bit of yellow but the likelihood I decided was no he wouldn’t, it just wasn’t worth the effort of making it work and after all there is always something better isn’t there? I didn’t even go for yellow ‘to be on the safe side’ before I knew he would be a boy; white seemed to the genuinely sensible option, or blue, blue is good across the board, right?

Kate Moss in vintage yellow in 2003

That is until La La Land came along. Just as a sun kissed Kate Moss sparked a renewed interest in yellow when she stepped out in the palest of ice-creamy coloured dresses in 2003, now Emma Stone has brought it all up again for summer 2017 by not only appearing on the red carpet in yellow repeatedly but also by dancing her way to an oscar in it.

Both ladies looked gorgeous in their frocks providing the best P.R. for yellow since cupcakes and tulips, but these two also know what looks best on them – with their skinny silhouettes and access to anything and everything the sartorial world has to offer, they don’t really have an excuse to get it wrong.

Top £19.99 by New Look

Don’t worry though because if you do feel the urge to give this shade a go then it can be done, you really can avoid looking like a lollipop lady or teletubby and here is how:

  1. The ideal way to find out which is the most flattering shade of yellow for you is to have your colours done. This will enable you to pinpoint exactly what to go for and more importantly what to steer clear of. For example a fair skinned blonde (what we call a ‘summer’, Reece Witherspoon for example) is best in the palest yellow. A warm skinned dark eyed ‘autumn’ such as actress Jessica Alba however, will be able to pull off a much richer version, even a mustard.
  2. If you’re considering blond highlights for the summer months then the same rule applies. Choose carefully; if you have a cool skin tone then an ash blonde will work (see Reece again), if you are more bronzed or olive skinned then you should opt for honey tones which will be much more flattering on your face.
  3. Don’t believe everything you read (except this obviously). Grazia recently claimed that ‘mustard suits everybody’. Cobblers! It absolutely doesn’t and is possibly one of the hardest colours to pull off. Always get the colour right first and then pick a style. In the right tone (either warm or cool depending on your skin), your face will look brighter and you will appear more youthful – people will think you’ve had work done. It’s easy when you know how.

    Coat by Zara

  4. If in doubt, dip your toe in with accessories. A bright handbag or colour popping shoes look fabulous with a more muted outfit, it’s also a more cost effective way of buying into a trend which will surely have sunk without trace by next summer. We can but hope.

Seriously though, find the perfect sunshine hue for you and you may be converted. I have a fifties style dress in an icy pale yellow and I do actually feel good in it, have had it for years in fact. I won’t be investing in any of the eggy colours out there currently but I simply don’t have the colouring for it. If you do though, that’s excellent news, it’s a cheerful kind of colour (Mr. Happy is bright yellow after all) and so much more interesting than Breton stripes and baby pink this season.

Stay safe everyone.

You see I can’t wear tulip yellow but my muted buttermilk kitchen cabinets work a treat

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