Embroidery for Beginners

There’s a trend I’ve noticed recently and I’m undecided as to how I feel about it. After all it was only in June when my boyfriend and I visited Vienna that we laughingly pointed at the little Austrian national costumes in shop windows imagining how horrified each of our children would be if we returned home with such heavily decorated outfits for them.

And then without warning the garnished garment reappeared on my radar, on the British high street. Having spotted a few pieces in River Island I investigated further to see whether this was a detail with legs. A browse on the Oasis website turned up even more embellishment than in River Island. Perhaps this embroidered fad was meant in an ironic way, like teenagers using a pulley trolley thing for their shopping or toddlers wearing flat caps? But no, I checked out Reiss – home of the tailored dress costing over £100 and LK Bennett so beloved of Kate Middleton and there was needlework everywhere I looked.

How did this sneak up on us? Should we blame the unfading popularity of this season’s must-have the bomber jacket? After all, Zara has embroidered them with careless abandon and they know a thing or two about catwalk trends that lot. Embroidery may have arrived in a stealth like manner but that doesn’t mean it will disappear quietly. Indeed, last week London Fashion Week favourite Christopher Kane showed highly decorative embroidered pieces in his Spring Summer 2017 show and if anything it was even more full on. And let’s face it if the ‘young people’ ( and by that I mean teenagers and me and my mum) are wearing embroidery on their clothes without a second thought then this trend officially does have legs, albeit quite short ones in my case.

My friend Kerry (she of the home-made bikinis) is going to have a field day with this one because there was a time, not so long ago, that so hilarious did we find the whole embellishment craze that we texted each other pictures of the worst offenders whenever we were in Marks and Spencer. To clarify, Kerry blames Marks and Spencer for misleading the older generation of Britain into thinking embellished clothing is the only way forward. Thanks to Per Una, Kerry said, wardrobes all over the country were full of cardigans covered in bits of nonsense.

Well as it turns out, writing this blog has been therapeutic because I actually don’t mind the odd stitched flower. I mean look at these fabulous Miss Selfridge boots – £85 – are you kidding? They look as if they have walked straight off the catwalk! And check out the embroidered bra below! Kerry, please don’t hate me but I think I might be warming to this old lady chic… could this be the first sign of old age? Oh no wait, panic over, I’ve just spotted a teenager running through the rain towards Costa with a bare midriff and some colourful foliage stitched into the left leg of her jeans. Phew.


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