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It’s been all about skirts for several seasons, and if the midi isn’t your thing then I have good news for you, this year trousers are back. And I’m not talking about jeans here, this is the actual proper grown up non-denim trouser.

Victoria Beckham in long and flared trousers

Victoria Beckham in long and flared trousers

Who doesn’t have a pair of tailored black trews in their wardrobe? There was a time when they were the go-to item for any working girl. Black trousers meant black boots and a simple shirt and jacket and you were good to go. Then things changed, work places relaxed and a more casual aesthetic became the norm. Black trousers started to look naff and very unexciting.

Diane Kruger does short and flowy

Diane Kruger does short and flowy

I’ve never really been a trousers kinda girl, it’s just too long a process finding the most flattering cut, length and fabric. However this year some funny things have been happening in the world of the trouser and my interest has been piqued again, if only because there are absolutely no rules.

Olivia Palermo does cropped and fitted

Olivia Palermo does cropped and fitted

I decided to investigate. If you must know, I even tried on a pair of elasticated ankle, pin stripe ‘jogger’ pants (who knew it was even possible to incorporate all those features in one trouser leg?) in Uniqlo last week, prompting my boyfriend to ask “What’s that about?” Annoyingly, I really couldn’t give him an answer. Consider this week’s blog a quest for answers in the trouser department, if you catch my drift.

Long and wide

£14.99 at H&M

£14.99 at H&M

Pros: Comfortable and great for skinny minnies.

Cons: Soaks up puddles, not good for shorter ladies.

Wear with: Bright white old school trainers.





Long and Skinny

£65 at Other Stories

£65 at Other Stories

Pros: Very leg lengthening (even without the debatable stirrup)

Cons: Ski pants belong in the ’80s don’t they?

Wear with: You really have to ask? It’s got to be boots. Just look at the alternative.




Cropped and Tailored

£75 at French Connection

£75 at French Connection

Pros: Works with any kind of top and footwear, formal or informal.

Cons: Shortens the leg.

Wear with: Trainers, ballet pumps, heels, the choice is yours.




Cropped and Skinny

£45 at Warehouse

£45 at Warehouse

Pros: You can style yourself to look like Audrey Hepburn.

Cons: You aren’t actually Audrey Hepburn (otherwise you’re fine).

Wear with: Flatties, platforms or trainers, again more or less anything will work.




Cropped and Wide

£79 at Cos

£79 at Cos

Pros: Errm… nice breeze up your trouser leg?

Cons: You can see what I can see, right?

Wear with: A lot of self belief.






£65 at French Connection

£65 at French Connection

Pros: A small print like these can be surprisingly flattering if cut well.

Cons: You may look like a toddler.

Wear with: Anything as long as it’s plain.




Yes, it’s a minefield but it’s also rather exciting. Best avoid very wide and very long if you’re not very tall and stick to body skimming cuts – without tucks or gathered waists and ankles – if you have generous curves you’d rather play down. Dark colours for those who are heavier on the bottom, lighter shades if you’re a more athletic build. So there we are – this spring, as far as clothing your pins is concerned, anything goes. What’s it all about? I have absolutely no idea, let me know if you find out.

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I help people refine their wardrobe to suit their shape, colouring and lifestyle. I am a style consultant, personal shopper and colour analyst working in London. Be the loveliest possible you. My first book SHOPPED was released on 5th July 2016 (September Publishing).
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