Oscars 2016: Style Winners and Losers

If you’re reading this on Monday morning on your way to work and you’re hoping to discover the winners and losers at this year’s Oscar ceremony, then I’m afraid you might be disappointed. While this blog is hot off the red carpet (it’s 1am and I’m sitting here in my pyjamas eating marshmallows) I have to be up in five hours so I’m not hanging around for the awards this year. I’ll stick my neck out and guess that Leonardo di Caprio takes Best Actor and Brie Larson Best Actress but that’s because they are the favourites.

Margot Robbie came as Oscar himself

Margot Robbie came as Oscar himself

My first thought is that with all the talk of the lack of colour in the nominations this year, there is a variety of colour on the red carpet. There is no one shade that dominates, certainly last year’s nude is nowhere to be seen. There are some refreshingly different colours rarely seen – nominees Saiorse Ronan and Rachel McAdams are both stunning in dark green – while Alicia Vikander is in pale yellow.

If there is no stand out colour, then without a doubt the style of the evening is the plunge neckline. I don’t know though, does anyone else feel this has been done to death over the past few years? For this reason I am handing it to those ladies who are instead rocking the shoulder trend we so love – Brie Larson, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts and Jennifer Garner, I love all these gowns.

Then there are those who look different merely by virtue of covering up. Nominees Charlotte Rampling and Rooney Mara are both in long sleeves and while I’m not keen on Rampling’s breast pockets, Mara has yet to put a foot wrong this award season and she has saved the best for last with this Givenchy number.

I’m giving the style prizes to Brie Larson in her gorgeous Gucci and Cate Blanchett in Armani, neither could be more perfectly girly – they both look heavenly from head to toe. And Julianne Moore unusually in black which isn’t the best for her colouring, is as effortlessly elegant as ever.

Finally, you know it had to happen, and this year I feel particularly bad about it, although they are few and far between – the not so great looks. Kate Winslet – aaagghhh! This Ralph Lauren strapless frock makes her look like she’s stuck in a drainpipe, I really don’t think this would work on anybody and I’m so disappointed because Kate usually looks great. Ditto Olivia Wilde who looked so amazing at the Golden Globes. This Valentino gown doesn’t do anything for her incredible figure, I don’t like it at all, the top half reminds me of those cheap tab curtains you can stick a curtain pole through. And Jennifer Jason Leigh, well she looks like the icing on the cake, literally.

I’m going to end on a high note, a show stopping lesson in red carpet dressing from Christian Dior and two former winners who know how to own a red carpet. Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence, we salute you.

OK, it’s 2am, I’m off to bed, if I can get to sleep after all that sugar it’ll be a miracle. Sixth time lucky I reckon Leo – good luck everyone!




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