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Just recently a piece in the dreaded Daily Mail caught my eye and I was even more horrified than usual by the content. While I will happily read the infamous column of shame to catch up on gossip and who’s wearing what, I take it for what it is and add a hefty amount of salt.

This Primark dress is according to the Mail "perfect for day to night dressing"

This Primark dress is according to the Mail “perfect for day to night dressing”

The Mail thinks this Asda kimono makes this look "more dressy". Cripes.

The Mail thinks this Asda kimono makes this look “more dressy”. Cripes.

This particular article was focusing in on a capsule holiday wardrobe and promising it for a mere £60 care of the budget brands Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Primark and Asda. Now I won’t dismiss any brand out of hand, you never know where the next must-have item might come from and if an outfit is styled beautifully much of the time you can’t tell who has made it anyway.  For her ‘going away’ outfit Friend Cesca wore a fabulous Pucci-esque dress that turned out to be from Asda and I have a £14 Primark skirt which has been mistaken for Prada. Consequently I was excited to see what the Daily Mail fashion lot might have come up with.




Dress £20 at Asda

Dress £20 at Asda

Jumpsuit £25 at Asda

Jumpsuit £25 at Asda

I was gobsmacked. It was the worst collection of flammable looking horrible garments I have ever seen and the comments left below the article proved that nobody else was terribly impressed either. I wouldn’t have paid £20 for it, let alone £60 and I doubt any age group would have been inspired by the selection. And I once bought a dress in Peacock’s, I really will shop anywhere.

Wedges £12 at Tesco

Wedges £12 at Tesco

Maxi dress £20 at Tesco

Maxi dress £20 at Tesco

So instead of lamenting the fate of the poor Daily Mail readers who quite possibly may not know any better than to follow such misleading advice, I got busy with choosing my own pieces from the British supermarket. Although of course if you actually want to look like an old lady’s bed, then the peach coloured valance above is absolutely the one for you.


Bikini top £6 at Primark

Bikini top £6 at Primark

Bikini bottoms £4 at Primark

Bikini bottoms £4 at Primark

I would happily wear any of these garments in London any day of the week, not just on holiday. They are versatile, on trend (unlike the huge unflattering layers of the orange number) and in my opinion, genuine bargains rather than just cheap and cheerful. The colours chosen for the Mail article are dated, unattractive and irrelevant for this season. A teenager might wear the shorts and kimono combo on a package deal to Faliraki at a push but having been a teenager on a package deal to Faliraki myself once, I sincerely doubt it.

Trousers £30 from Sainsbury's

Trousers £30 from Sainsbury’s

Dress £22 at Sainsbury's

Dress £22 at Sainsbury’s

And anyway who wants to be faffing about with all those separates? Far better to keep it simple when it’s hot and space in your suitcase is limited.

Stick to the outrageous gossip Daily Mail and leave the supermarket sweep to those of us who shop somewhere other than Waitrose.

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I help people refine their wardrobe to suit their shape, colouring and lifestyle. I am a style consultant, personal shopper and colour analyst working in London. Be the loveliest possible you. My first book SHOPPED was released on 5th July 2016 (September Publishing).
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  1. penny stott says:

    My bed is neat & chic !
    Old lady


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