Fashion’s Oscars Hit a Bum Note

When Elizabeth Hurley turned up to her boyfriend’s film premier in that dress, it caused a stir and gave her a career boost and we all thought good on you for seizing the day. When Princess Diana chose to arrive at a function in a low cut short little black dress just as her estranged husband was admitting to adultery on television, you had to admire her balls. It’s generally accepted that a female nominated for an award is going to go all out to look her most fabulous self to make the most of the moment and we all enjoy a good old dissection of those looks as they swan down the red carpet.

Rihanna - insert omelette joke here

Rihanna – insert omelette joke here

However when the stars of stage, screen, catwalk and music all decide to pull out the stops on the same night with seemingly little regard for taste, style or even the theme of the evening, it starts to look a bit daft. For the purposes of this blog and a desire to not be wholly negative, I trawled through pictures to find the best dressed of the night and it was no easy task due to even the most acclaimed of fashionistas looking, well, ridiculous. It comes to something when Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller and Anna Wintour leave you wondering WHY?

Sarah Jessica Parker in H&M dress and Philip Treacy headdress

Sarah Jessica Parker in H&M dress and Philip Treacy headdress

Usually these three women’s combined style credentials are unrivalled and yet at the Met Gala they looked like they’d jumped out of a child’s drawing. SJP had apparently designed her gown herself with H&M which only begs the question of why H&M let her. I have several H&M dresses far more fabulous than this one. Sienna Miller, her of the cute haircut and effortless chic looked deeply uncomfortable and who can blame her. Every part of her perfect figure was hidden in a matador get up so effortless she forgot the white vest.

Sienna Miller in Thakoon

Sienna Miller in Thakoon

No wonder Lady Gaga looked bemused. Accustomed as she is to getting all the attention for her outfits, on this occasion nobody bat an eyelid at her huge black gown thing, if anything she downplayed it. Or perhaps it was simply that there is not a celebrity in existence, no not even Kim Kardashian, who can eclipse JLo’s arse. Are we still going on about that? Yes it appears we are.

Jennifer Lopez - you watch your cheek young lady

Jennifer Lopez – you watch your cheek young lady

This time Jennifer Lopez decided that the pertness of her backside wasn’t enough. This time we needed to see most of it. Too much of it. In her red glistening body stocking, JLo looked as if she’d been peeled up the side and with her clammy face (‘dewy’ was I’m sure the intention) she looked as if the peeling process hadn’t been very pleasant.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doing ‘crow trapped in trellis fence’

Beyonce did bare bum (albeit bare bum de Givenchy) too and managed it in a marginally less tacky way than Lopez. Still, all I could wonder was how those jewels were going to stay in place without being crushed when she sat down.

Beyonce in Givenchy

Beyonce in Givenchy

So you see, I’m not very impressed this year, they’ve all gone too far and it smacks of merely wanting attention and being desperate to outdo one another and all at the expense of actually looking good. The theme, of which very few seemed to take any notice, was ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’, at least Rihanna, in her cacophany of egg yolk was wearing Chinese designer Guo Pei. For everyone else, the references were tentative to say the least.

Thank the lord for Diane Kruger in Chanel

Thank the lord for Diane Kruger in Chanel

So anyway, I said I was looking for the winners of the evening, I did eventually find them and it was such a relief. Diane Kruger who rarely puts a fashion foot wrong, looked edgy but still classy in Chanel, Rita Ora oozed elegance in red satin and Kate Hudson sparkled in gold.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora in TomFord with the designer looking on approvingly

They weren’t doing anything new or risque but then perhaps they didn’t feel they needed to. This after all is an event to mark the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new exhibition. Somewhere along the line when this annual gala was dubbed ‘The Fashion Oscars’ the art got forgotten. I’m bored of bums, surely Kim Kardashian has single handedly made them naff by now? Let’s put them away and go back to wearing clothes that look great. Now wouldn’t that be a thing.

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors



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