How to Keep Your Globes Golden

By now you are aware dear readers that the Golden Globes ceremony in L.A. is the start of awards season and generally seen as a clue to who the winners might be at the Academy Awards later on in March. We have also learnt that more risks are taken at the BAFTAS – if indeed the actress attends the London ceremony. Nominated actresses always save the best gowns for the Oscars when scrutiny is at its most acute and if you create a clanger at the Oscars you will be remembered forevermore for that one appearance. Think Cher in her headdress, Bjork dressed as a swan and Celine Dion with her tux on back to front. Can you picture Bjork dressed in anything else? I bet the mums on Bjork’s kids’ school run were really disappointed when she pitched up on the first day in jeans and a sweatshirt.

Dakota Johnson, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Kruger and Julianne Moore

Dakota Johnson, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Kruger and Julianne Moore

At this year’s event, there were some glorious outfits by a glittering array of international designers. Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore, Diane Kruger and Jennifer Lopez rarely get it wrong and this year was no exception, they had all opted for metallics and looked great. Jennifer Aniston is usually someone who can be relied on to keep her look simple yet classy; she often wears black and more often than not wears a plunging neckline.

It's a "No" from me

It’s a “No” from me

Ohh yes!

Jennifer as we know and love her – the brown is much softer with her ‘Autumn’ colouring too

This awards season there has been much hype surrounding Miss Aniston and her performance in the upcoming Cake. It’s a frumpy/weight gaining/no make-up role (yes one of those almost guaranteed to get you an Oscar nod) and her Golden Globe nomination this year was her first since she won for Friends so this was a Big Deal. However it’s almost as if in the process of putting together a serious look, she tried too hard and the result was less Jennifer Aniston and more well, Courtney Cox. Jennifer has a curvy figure and she isn’t a twig as film actresses can often be (I’ve met her so I can vouch for this) so she looks best in fitted dresses with an open neck. The mid section of this week’s dress makes her look like she has no waist when she does – very odd. And as for her updo… I can only imagine that she and her hair stylist decided to scrape the most famous hair in the world back out of sight to put Rachel Green to rest once and for all. It didn’t work.

Dame Helen - we're not worthy

Dame Helen – we’re not worthy

Lena Dunham and way too much satin

Lena Dunham and way too much satin

On the one hand it’s inspiring to see how Helen Mirren can wipe the red carpet with many of her far younger counterparts. On the other, how can someone as rich and canny as Lena Dunham continue to wear such unflattering awful clothes? I admire Lena Dunham enormously as you know and I get that she likes to have fun with her wardrobe and this red dress was so close to being fabulous it makes me want to scream. Of course you have to approach shiny fabrics with extreme caution as they accentuate but you don’t have to go as far as not letting the fabric touch your body at all. Quite bizarre and such a shame. Helen Mirren’s red number however was the perfect shape and fitted like a glove to Dunham’s lampshade.

Gone Girl Rosamund Pike

Gone Girl Rosamund Pike

Kate Hudson appearing curvaceous in Versace

Kate Hudson appearing curvaceous in Versace

I couldn’t make my mind up about Rosamund Pike’s cutaway dress and I felt guilty even commenting as she’s just had a baby but then out came Kate Hudson in her cutaway Versace and I reconsidered my position. You see the Versace gives the illusion of a waist where on the enviably athletic Hudson body there isn’t much of one. Whereas the Vera Wang gown on Pike gives suggests a rather thick waist where surely the idea was to define it, what with it being a naturally softer area post partum. Have I put that tactfully enough, I’ve agonised over that sentence?

"We're celebrity boobs, get us out of here!"

“We’re celebrity boobs, get us out of here!”

Salma Hayek and the Golden Globes 2015 style

Salma Hayek and the Golden Globes 2015 style

Now I feel bad about the very talented Rosamund Pike (even if she did beat me to a role in a BBC costume drama many years ago), I feel I have to end on a positive note. Diminutive actress Salma Hayek is someone whose wardrobe choices I have long despaired of (stay with me, I said I’d end on a positive note and this isn’t the end yet) because she does love to stuff her ample bosom into tops up to her chin. It makes her look uncomfortable, as if she can’t breath and rounder than she is. But at this year’s Golden Globes – hoorraay! – Salma got it right. There wasn’t a strangulated boob in sight and she looked absolutely gorgeous. There, I knew I could do it. Now let’s stop talking about Globes and move on to the BAFTAs…


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4 Responses to How to Keep Your Globes Golden

  1. Kerry says:

    Spot on – except I do think Helen Mirren’s frock makes her look a bit like a madam in a Wild West saloon bar scene (hourglass, red, embellished). Fabulous figure though. So, when are we doing coffee? DYING to see you xxx ps Kerry here.


  2. penny stott says:

    R.Pike looks as if she has had a couple of dressings applied to her boobs. Agree about the harsh black on Jen.

    Liked by 1 person

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