Stop The Dress! BAFTA Special

I am writing this as the BAFTAs unfold meaning any opinions I give may be a little rash in the excitement of the moment. However the stylist in me believes that first impressions are the most interesting and given that the (let’s face it) far more weighty Oscar ceremony is just around the corner, the stars on the BAFTA red carpet really do have to shine very bright indeed to make an impact. Lucky for them it is at least a dry evening for once. Historically, it is at the British version of the Academy Awards where those invited take some fashion risks. Over the years we have seen a slew of shorter length dresses, a jumpsuit on SJP last year and even Michelle Williams in an H&M gown. None of these things would happen at the Oscars, it’s just too important to be perfect. Perhaps it’s because we have a reputation for being rather more idiosyncratic in our dress this side of the pond, that the BAFTAs is seen as the place to experiment.

I wonder if that was what Angelina Jolie was thinking when she decided on full masculine black tie garb. It took me right back to the ill-advised moment that Posh n’ Becks stepped out in matching leather suits. I’m sorry but it just made Brad Pitt look daft, I’m not sure why exactly.


Angelina and Brad channel Victoria and David

I’m struck by the amount of black on this year’s BAFTA red carpet; Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Helen Mirren and surprisingly Amy Adams were all wearing very serious looking dresses in this colour. All of them stunning and yet… well you know I’ve got a downer on black at the moment and the pale skinned Amy Adams has looked soo beautiful in a variety of jewel colours so far this awards season that I can’t help but be a little disappointed despite the dress itself being lovely.

Here are my fave looks of the night:

1. Lupita Nyong’o – coming in first yet again, this woman has a 100% strike rate, this time dazzling in Dior.

Lupita Nyong’o in Dior

2. Emma Thompson – looking good in a red column dress and big hair that was flattering and classy and made her presenting seem all the more bizarre.

Emma Thompson

3. Uma Thurman – utterly sophisticated in its simplicity and as such, unpredictable. Her hair and make-up made this look.

BAFTA Film Awards 2014 - Arrivals - London

Uma Thurman

4. Lily Allen – wearing Vivienne Westwood and clearly loving it. I love the colour blocking and although I’m not keen on the hair thing, this was surprisingly the most exciting look of the night.


Lily Allen in Vivienne Westwood

There were fewer memorable gowns this year but good to see lots of British designers being worn – Amy Adams in Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen and of course Lily Allen in Vivienne Westwood. The night belonged to the British in terms of the award count but it seems the real red carpet winners are being saved for the Oscars in two weeks.

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